Eidolon & Eidolon II

Eidolon - Montgomery 17

Eidolon II - Pacific Seacraft 34

December, 2021- Still under construction! Had to switch hosting and no time to fix things.

Our Montgomery 17 now has a big brother! A Pacific Seacraft 34 named Eidolon II. Soon I'll revamp this site and put in some current info about both boats. In the meanwhile, here's some more Whitman:

Unfix'd yet fix'd,

Ever shall be, ever have been and are,

Sweeping the present to the infinite future,

Eidolons, eidolons, eidolons.

Sail out for Good, Eidolon Yacht!

Heave the anchor short!

Raise main-sail and jib--steer forth,

O little white-hull'd sloop, now speed on really deep waters,

(I will not call it our concluding voyage,

But outset and sure entrance to the truest, best, maturest;)

Depart, depart from solid earth--no more returning to these shores,

Now on for aye our infinite free venture wending,

Spurning all yet tried ports, seas, hawsers, densities, gravitation,

Sail out for good, eidolon yacht of me!

-- Walt Whitman


What is an "eidolon"?

A phantom or sprit; an ideal.

What language is that?

It's English, but based on the Greek word eídōlon which means image.

How do you say that?



How about pictures of some Montgomery boats?

Here is an unedited dump of all the pictures we took during our trip in July 2009. We went with a fleet of Montgomery sailboats (M15, M17 and M23) and toured the San Juan Islands of Washington state.


Since most of the pictures were taken from our boat, there aren't very many of Eidolon except the ones in the sling launch.

We've been on many adventures with her since, but I am the world's worst at social media.

How about pictures of some Pacific Seacraft boats?

The official name change came through for Eidolon II, but I haven't put the new name on yet (waiting to see if we're going to have to haul her out for other reasons - if so, we're going to paint the hull). Eventually I'll take some pictures.


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